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Spencer Brandon

I am an NASM certified personal trainer, ExpertRated certified nutrition coach and an amateur MMA fighter in the state of Tennessee.

My fitness journey started at a young age being in the gym watching my mom teach aerobics classes. I began working out and learning about fitness for myself before starting martial arts at the age of twelve where I trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for four years before transitioning into MMA and striking. I continued learning the aspects of fitness nutrition and proper tactics for training while training people on the side which I did for about 8 years. At 24 I was still training myself always still studying fitness and nutrition as a whole but I left behind pursuing it professionally due to life (bills responsibilities etc.).

When I became a father is when I finally made the commitment to get certified and accredited for training professionally and now I am using my knowledge and experience to help people with their own fitness goals while building a good life for my family.

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