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Personal Best Fitness Workout facility is a personal and private workout facility in which you and your trainer can work one-on-one without distraction, to meet your goals. Through sound, healthy, scientific, tried-and-true methods, you will lose excess body fat, you will gain muscle, you will become more flexible, and you will learn how to eat to meet your physical fitness goals.

Christopher McClintock Personal Trainer in Brentwood TN“Our hope at Personal Best Fitness is to help people stay healthy…and ultimately enjoy life, enjoy family and know that they are beautifully and wonderfully made.”

Christopher McClintock, Owner

Personal Training That is Safe and Tailored to Each Client

Personal Best Fitness’ Personal Trainers work with those that are beginning an exercise program, as educators and motivators when it comes to each client’s personal goals. Most importantly, we insure your program will be safe and realistic and specific to your body only. This way you not only achieve the results you want, but you also have achieved them as quickly as possible.

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Clients We Serve Best Include

  • Medical Fitness
  • Post Rehab or Post Physical Therapy
  • Exercise after Weight Loss Surgery
  • Reduction of Body Fat
  • Fitness Testing
  • Endurance training for beginning or veteran walkers, runners, and triathletes
  • Youth Training

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A free consultation with Personal Best Fitness is the best way to get a feel for what it’s like to train with us. Once you experience the difference you’ll see why we’re one of the leading personal trainers in Brentwood, TN. Give us a call at 615-852-1691 or click below to get started.