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Endurance Training

If you are new to running or endurance training, you may find that a distance that once seemed impossible now seems easy. If you are more experienced, you may find that your long runs and speed work are yielding tangible results. The changes that matter most are the ones going on inside, where you can’t see them. The very real changes in the strength of your resolve and your spirit. We offer endurance training for first timers and experienced athletes.

Endurance Training for First Timers

  • 5K & 10K Program – Whether walking or running, a program will be designed specifically for you, around your schedule, and fitness level to complete your first 3.1-mile event or 6.2–mile event.
  • ½ Marathon Program – Whether walking or running, learn to increase your endurance and complete your first 13.1-mile event!
  • Full Marathon Program – Whether walking or running, your first 26.2-mile event will be life changing. This personal program will meet you at your current fitness level, and increase according to how you feel.
  • Sprint Distance Triathlon Program – Swim, Bike, Run. Become competent in 3 sports, even if you have never been a swimmer, cyclist or runner, you will learn how!
  • International Distance Triathlon Program – Tri something new! This personal program will be all-inclusive, including swimming, cycling, running and strength training.

Endurance Training for Experienced Athletes

  • 5K & 10K Program – Includes techniques to improve speed, conquer hills, stride efficiency, and improve anaerobic thresholds. Smash those old 5K & 10K times.
  • ½ Marathon – Includes techniques to reduce mile times, strengthen slow twitch muscle fibers, endurance nutrition, and essential stretching.
  • Full Marathon – Includes track workouts, hill running efficiency, endurance nutrition, injury prevention, and how to break through “the wall.” Schedules will be constructed around your chosen event date.
  • Sprint Distance Triathlon – Intensify your workouts to increase speed without more time commitment. Reduce transition times and receive race specific nutrition.
  • International Distance Triathlon–Includes techniques to reduce mile times, interval training, track workouts, swimming endurance and nutrition that works.
  • Half and Full IRONMAN – Whether it’s your first Ironman or you are a seasoned veteran, your personal program will completely prepare you to complete your event without overtraining injuries. Detailed nutrition plan as well as swimming, cycling, running and strength training plans.

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