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Barry Gammons

Client of the Month

Barry is an incredibly dedicated client that has a heart as big as his fitness goals. More on that later. First, lets hear what Barry has to say about his fitness journey. 

Why I started?  I have been an athlete and trained most of my life.  Life started happening in 2014/2015 and I put work and taking care of my mom above my own well-being.  Over the course of just a few years, I put on over 50 pounds from inactivity and eating as I could when I could. Another client of Personal Best, Steve Johnson, who is a friend and my doctor, turned me on to Personal Best Fitness at my annual physical in July of 2019.  He had the right words at the right time, when I could actually hear them.

Why do I continue?  When I commit to something, I stick with it.  I have enjoyed the grind and getting in better shape, the right way.  No fad diets.  Heidi, Personal Best Fitness’s dietitian, was a huge help early on.  I had my best physical in years about 4 weeks ago.  Great numbers all around.

What are my goals? First, to never be in the shape I was in again.  It takes a lot to lose 44 pounds (at this point) at 53 years old.  Next, to drop another 20 pounds.  That would get me back to where I was in my late 30’s.  Finally, to convince Blake that his passion is to first, coach me, but more importantly to coach kids playing basketball. Blake is great young man with a heart to coach/train kids.  Blake, that will be $20.00 please.    Thanks Blake…mean it. 

Barry recently established a scholarship in his father’s honor. Barry’s father died in the line of duty working for the Hendersonville police department in 1974 and after the death of Hendersonville  Master Patrol Officer Spencer Bristol on December 30th, 2019, Barry knew he wanted to help. To read more about his story, click the link below. Thank you for your hard work Barry!