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Bethany Lennon

Bethany is a fighter. Bethany started her battle with cancer almost 20 years ago and just this month was given the all clear. She has an infectious, positive attitude and she is an extremely hard working person that is dedicated to living healthy and getting stronger.  

She started with her trainer, Scott, in August and has made her workouts a priority no matter how tired or how hard it was for her. Before treatments, Bethany was an active person that taught fitness classes and practiced yoga 3x a week but found it hard to get back into a regular routine after treatments. Survivor Fitness paved the way for her to find a new routine and she flourished! She had a goal of gaining weight and strength during her 12 week program and was able to gain 3 pounds of lean weight while dropping her body fat by 1%. She gained 3.5 inches across her arms, thighs, and shoulders which is a great sign of muscle growth and strength. Even her cardiovascular fitness went up over the 12 weeks!

She now has a new goal: Outdoor rock climbing with her son. There is no doubt that she will accomplish her goal. We are so proud of you Bethany. Thank you for all your hard work and determination and we look forward to watching you crush more obstacles and goals along your journey!