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Dominic Latello

Dominic came to Personal Best in January of 2023 looking to lose weight and get stronger. Dominic and his trainer Scott mapped out a plan and went to work. Training at Personal Best 2x a week and swimming multiple times a week have helped him shed body fat, gain muscle mass, and feel better than he has felt in a long time. He now routinely crushes pullups, easily benches 225, and deadlifts 300+!
Developing a plan and helping clients stay consistent is what we do at Personal Best. Congrats Dominic on a great 2023 and we look forward to seeing you crush your 2024 goals!

January 2023
250 lbs.
31.1% body fat
172.2 lbs. lean mass
77.8 lbs. fat mass

December 2023
237 lbs.
22.3% body fat
184.2 lbs. lean mass
52.8 lbs. fat mass