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Dr. Steve Johnson

Steve has been worked extremely hard at crushing goals. In 3 months, Steve was down 27 pounds, dropped 5.4% body fat, and increased is upper body strength by 50%!

Steve attacked his goals by working with our trainer Blake, meeting with our Registered Dietitian Heidi, and making sure he stayed healthy by seeing our massage/NKT therapist Matt.

Once he had his plan in place, he embraced it and stuck to it. Here is what Steve has to say about working at Personal Best:

“Excellent experience this far! Instructive, motivating, enjoyable. Have been training for 3 months or so. First time to work with trainer! Reaching goals!! Love the comprehensive approach to training! Thanks to Blake, my excellent trainer! Appreciate the relationship, the challenge, the variety, and the instruction!!”

Thank you Steve for working hard and congrats on the fruits of your labor!