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Erin Salmon

Erin in ALL IN on life. She picks big goals and knows no boundaries.

She came to Personal Best already having a solid Ultra Running background, but was ready to take it all to the next level in preparation for her biggest challenge ever, the epic Moab 240 Mile Endurance Run.  With the proper assessments, specific exercises, and dialing in her nutrition strategy with our Dietitian, she not only won her next 100 mile run, but became one of the very few Finishers of the 240 mile run! Here is what she had to say:

“A life affirming 243.9 miles in 4 days and 13 hours on 5 hours of sleep and gallons and gallons of coffee. I experienced some epic humanity and learned the transcendent bliss of a dirt nap. I only made it because you were all in my corner…. Thank you all for believing in me”

Personal Best was blessed to be a part of a team around Erin who were excited about her vison. She brings light and laughter to the gym each week and we can’t wait to see what she has in store next !

Congratulations Erin !