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Jeannie and Kathryn

This month we celebrate Kathryn and Jeannie!

If you havent noticed, we are in the middle of a pandemic. Pandemics have a way of changing the status quo. So what do you do when the status quo changes, you take it outside or own Zoom/Facetime! During this trying time, Jeannie and Kathryn have not waivered from their fitness routine. They have worked out at local parks, in parking lots, and in their houses over iPhones and TVs. Here is what they have to say about doing whatever it takes to workout the last 9 months. 

     “Working out with during the pandemic has helped to keep me anchored during these difficult times. Even though I sometimes don’t feel up to it, I know I always feel better afterwords. I have noticed that my outlook on things, mood, and physical fitness have actually improved during the pandemic. Knowing that I have training sessions planned with Brandon, whether it’s on zoom or in the park with a friend while being socially distant and with masks, gives me something to look forward to.” – Kathryn

“Yay for working out during the Pandemic!! While I miss going to the gym, Zoom sessions have been a great alternative for maintaining my fitness level. Personal Best Fitness has been awesome with arranging outdoor sessions when the weather permits; a much needed and appreciated change of environment.Having to shelter in place is challenging, but having workout options with Brandon has multiple benefits besides improved fitness.” – Jeannie