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Karen Bruton

In 2014, Karen came to Personal Best Fitness because her doctor wanted to perform immediate back surgery to alleviate her back pain. Karen decided to give Personal Best Fitness 6 weeks to see if any progress could be made towards eliminating her back pain. We started with all of her exercises and stretching in a seated position and began to slowly make progress towards standing exercises and stretching. Within a few weeks, she had progressed enough to do advanced movements and before we knew it she was off jet setting around the world doing charity work in remote African villages and sleeping on mud-hut floors! No surgery was required!

At age 72, Karen continues to serve God through ministering to those in her community and communities around the world.
Karen says, ” I need to keep my body healthy so I can serve the Lord to the best of my ability.”
Personal Best Fitness is blessed to be a small part of her weekly health routine. Congratulations Karen on all your success and thank you for all you do!