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Karen Garrett

After a major life change, Karen’s doctor encouraged her to take time to focus on herself and her health. Her doctor sent her to Personal Best Fitness for a consultation.

This was completely out of my comfort zone and like nothing I had ever done,” said Karen. “After my initial meeting, I decided to make some life changes.” I quickly formed a bond with my trainer Courtney who encouraged me and held me accountable. I know that undoing years of neglect of my health and nutrition will take commitment and time, but I have already had success,” said Karen. While Karen’s goal has always been to feel better about herself and not a number on the scale, she has lost over 20 pounds and 3 sizes in her clothes.

It hasn’t been easy, but I feel good about my accomplishments and plan to continue to make life-long changes and achieve goals I didn’t think were possible.

Congrats on all your success Karen!

Your team at Personal Best Fitness is so proud of you and we excited to be on this journey with you!