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Keith Fawcett

With a love for cycling, Keith spent the first part of his 59 years in Northern England being raised on Bubble & Squeak.

He came to Personal Best Fitness wanting to feel better on his bike rides and feel like he had the strength and energy to conquer any hill in Middle Tennessee and around the world.  We are so proud to say that with the proper Nutrition and Exercise,  Keith has dropped 3.3% body fat and put on 6 pounds of muscle.

But even better… he dropped his over-all Cholesterol by 30%, dropped his Bad Cholesterol by 50% and dropped his Triglycerides by 50%.His fantastic results allowed him to take a bike ride around Scotland in August where he  battled some huge elevations and some character-building weather while feeling great the whole time.

Thank you Keith for your hard work and Congratulations on your Success !