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Mark Plotkin

Mark and Emily Plotkin were the very first Personal Best Fitness clients who joined back in 2003! Our stories and experiences over the years are too many to mention for now…

However, this past January Mark slipped magnificently in his driveway and shattered his left arm. The doctors were quickly able to put his arm together with some hardware and get him exercising again.

As difficult as it was, Mark was determined. He continued his workouts  over Face-time religiously,  even when stay at home orders were in place.  Little by little, and baby step by painstaking baby step… Mark’s hard work and diligence have paid off and he is now doing pushups on a completely healed bone! 

His years of consistent activity and strength training at Personal Best have allowed his body to recover quickly when facing a setback. He is working on his swim stroke again and is back to enjoying activity with his 2 boys.

Thank you for all the years Mark (and Emily!) and well done on a fantastic recovery.