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Micah Sumida

Micah has a gift. The kid can race like the wind blows…. but there were a couple “friends” he couldn’t quite beat at his middle school cross country meet.
Micah came to Personal Best about a year ago looking to give his running some edge. We covered training, race strategy and even how to get psychological advantages over your opponents. The payoff was big!!
How big? Micah set the State Record in the 2 mile big!
Now that Micah is a Freshman in High School, he is running 5ks for the first time. In his first 3 meets, he has taken 40 seconds off of his finishing time – finishing in 2nd place last meet!
Micah has a gift, but he also understands the importance of following his training plan to the letter, trusting his coach, and out-working those around him. From the arch of the season strategy, down to the nuance of his form, Micah is a willing student when it comes to achieving his Personal Best.
Congrats Micah, we are excited to see where your talent and drive will take you in life and at the meet!