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Rudy Arn

Addiction is sticky. It’s been said, you can keep it at bay… but your addiction is always outside your door doing pushups. Rudy Arn is a wonderful example of what winning each day looks like. Rudy had hit bottom in 2018. His wife was pregnant with their twins and his marriage counselor had just fired him for his inability to give up his detrimental lifestyle. At 245 pounds and about to lose his family, Rudy made the decision to change his life and started a 12 Step program. He was able to learn to focus his energy toward his family and health, and it has yielded him wonderful results.
It all didn’t happen overnight, but through daily decisions with nutrition, workouts and balance, Rudy has shed 75 pounds and is now 12%  body fat. He has continued to find positive challenges that fit his drive but also his family-first lifestyle like strength training, half marathons, then full marathons. Rudy not only completed his first triathlon this year, but also built up to a 70.3 mile Half Ironman triathlon, crushing his goal time by 12 minutes.
He is winning by having a daily goal and a plan to get there. Daily workouts and daily nutrition habits have taken him a long way…. 
But the REAL VICTORY is not the scale or the miles, it is daily exercising his power to choose. Congratulations Rudy, Personal Best Fitness is blessed to be a small part of your journey.