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Brandon Holt

I got my first taste of physical fitness by growing up in East Tennessee on a farm. There is nothing like manual farm labor to teach you why being fit is so important! Outside of farm life, sports were a huge part of my life from age 5 through college. Sports taught me about dedication, discipline, hard work, and passion…all traits that I have carried over into my professional life. I graduated from The University of Tennessee (Go Vols!!) with a degree in exercise science and then attended Belmont University were I received my MBA with a focus on health care management.

I have two beautiful daughters, an awesome son, a Chocolate Lab and a beautiful wife that keeps me centered. I am passionate about helping people change their lives for the long-term through education, encouragement, and hard work. Fad diets and workouts do not last…. Education, Passion, and Dedication drive change…. And that is why I am here…To help you start your fitness journey or take your fitness to the next level.

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