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Paul & Carolyn Riviere

Paul & Carolyn Riviere have been clients of our trainer Brandon Holt for over 15 years now. “Consistent” is the word that comes to mind when we think about Paul and Carolyn. They stay busy with real estate, rental properties, helping others and grandchildren but never so busy they don’t take care of their own health and wellness. This past 18 months has been some trying times for everyone, yet, through it all, Paul and Carolyn have stayed consistent with working out via Facetime and now in person sessions at the gym again. Paul even trusted Brandon with his post rehab, rehab this summer!  

Again… consistent no matter what the circumstances.

Like most of our clients at Personal Best Fitness, Paul and Carolyn are more than just clients. They are great friends. That is what makes a place like Personal Best Fitness different than your average gym. Thank you Paul and Carolyn for being great clients but most importantly great friends!